It’s hard to believe 2013 is coming to an end and 2014 is ready to begin. Here’s a quick look at the most popular posts that were published in 2013, measured by overall traffic.

7. When our neurons are connected to the net

Looking ahead to the deeper integration between man and machine, exploring future realms of artificial intelligence and influence.

8. The Digitization of Everything and its impact on the Customer Experience

“Organizations who are able to effectively gather and leverage deeper customer understanding will have a leg up. Those who are able to leverage the deeper understanding to conceive and enable great customer experiences for their customers will truly lead the way into the next generation of commerce. In a world where real time access to anyone or anything from anywhere is a possibility, customer experience may indeed be the last bastion of competitive advantage.”

9. Mary Meeker & KPCB Internet Trends 2013

A must read for understanding the pace and trajectory of technology.

10. Ascending towards the Social Business Summit

Drawing analogies between the heroic feat of summiting Everest and leveraging social technologies for business transformation where 3 huge crevasses remain; Leadership Evolution, Cultural Transformation, and Technology Integration.

11. IBM Watson enters the realm of customer engagement

IBM Watson went from fascinating gimmick to a leader in the early stages of deep learning with real world applications.

12. Dreamforce 2013: What Salesforce1 actually means

A recap of Dreamforce, the largest enterprise technology conference in the world. The announcement and vision of Salesforce1 is significant. This post breaks down why.

13. How technology is reshaping human behavior and what you should be doing about it

“Customers have unprecedented speed and access to anything and anyone from anywhere. This is dramatically shifting customer expectations, and continues to do so as new innovations continue to be absorbed into the mobile landscape. As technology races on, and the lines between the digital and physical are increasingly blurred, many executives are that I speak with are simply dumbfounded by the monumental task ahead of them to retrench the way that commercial institutions have been operating for decades. Most don’t express it exactly that way. It’s simply written on their face. It’s simply overwhelming to consider how expectations will change when wearables and ambient technology become more ingrained into the mainstream. Recent history tells us that this may happen sooner than we think. Many organizations still feel unprepared to deal with the reality of 2010, let alone 2014 or 2015.”

Honorable Mention

14. From Analog to Digital: Becoming the Most Valuable Node

“Democratization of access is accelerating the pace of evolution in our societal systems. It’s affecting government, institutions, organizations, and individuals alike. It’s even threatening to change our monetary systems, as technology allows us to redraw boundaries and reconsider concepts of currency.
What most senior level leaders haven’t picked up on yet is that the people, teams, divisions, media, machines, assets are all just nodes in a network. A network that communicates in real time – where value is distributed quickly than ever before, and where network effects create swarms of attention, focus (and profits) around critical issues.”

15. Change: From Specialty to Core Competency

Change is happening in ever shortening cycle times. Here’s what organizations needs to focus on in order to excel in the future:

1. A re-imagined vision of the future state of the organization
2. A charted path to get to the future state – which likely changes how customers are attracted, engaged, attained, and retained, and how people are hired, empowered, measured, incentivized, and compensated.
3. A retention and improvement of the core competencies to repeatedly optimize 1 and 2.