CRM and Social CRM Articles, Blogs, and Resources (week of June 22)

CRM Driving CRM Effectiveness in a Recession (by Oracle) Has the CRM Industry Become Redundant? - Dick Lee, High-Yield Methods, How the Recession Increases Customer Centricity - Graham Hill, Customers & More Co-creating Experiences Fit for Customers - … Read More»

Leverage the Value Equation and CRM to thrive in any economy

Graham Hill presents some great points, and sage wisdom in his post "Six Proven Rules to Beat the Recession". I would contend that his advice is at the core of success in business, and just becomes more clearly defined when businesses are forced to be aggressively and desperately focused  in a more … Read More»

Just 100 Days away from Customer Lifecycle Management | Graham Hill, Customers & More

Graham Hill presents a great framework for rolling out a Customer Lifecycle Management initiative. In the sea of opportunity and moving parts, the ability to execute the delivery of a focused project plan is key if you are to realize the unlocked potential that exists within your existing and future … Read More»

The Limits of Customer Analytics in a Recession | CustomerThink – CRM, CEM & Social Media

Customer segmentation is a big issue as companies look deeper at their existing customer base, and as Graham points out, not only are companies needing to readjust their strategic initiatives and sometimes entire operational models, the data that they have in their database may not mean what it … Read More»