Three New Required Roles for your company (#1): CIA Operative

You might be thinking you landed on the wrong blog or be asking yourself "What does this have to do with CRM? Now this Brian guy is telling me that I need to hire a CIA Operative? I'm moving on. I've got real business to tend to. " Wait! Yes, you do...have real business to tend to, and this will … Read More»

My contribution to the #MonTwit experiment: What I've discovered about Twitter

My Introduction to Twitter I first heard of Twitter back in early to mid 2007. Here's what it looked like then. I looked at the homepage and studied it curiously. "What am I doing? I thought to myself...well, surfing the internet. I'm not sure what value sharing that adds to anyone. And who's … Read More»

The New (Social) Customer Advocate

Over the past few months, the #scrm Accidental Community has had several conversations about who should "own" social media and Social CRM within an organization. Though we've had a lot of productive conversation, I believe we've collectively come to the conclusion that there is no definitive answer … Read More»

Social CRM – CRM 2.0 – CRM using Social – The Integration of Social Media with Customer Relationship Management Systems?

Honestly guys, can we please get back to important issues beyond semantics? In case you missed it, a heated debate sprung up this week in the Twitter and Blogospheres, respectively. Read the following to get caught up to speed. Esteban Kolsky's Post Prem Kumar Aparanji's Post Rob Schneider's … Read More»

A primer on Social Media: Listen, Build, Engage, Share

If you are just familiarizing yourself with social media and how to leverage it in your organization, Becky Carroll on the 1to1 media blog does a nice job of summarizing the benefits of Social Media, and how companies can leverage tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  She does a nice job of … Read More»

More on Social CRM: The evolution continues

Lots of conversation flying around about what Social CRM is, and what it isn't. If you use Twitter and/or friend feed, I encourage you to join the conversation at #scrm. Business and Sales have always been about relationships. People buy from people they like and from people who provide compelling … Read More»

The Twitter Debate Continued – Is it Social CRM or Not?

Social Media Influentials Jeremiah Owyang , Brian Solis, and Paul Greenberg weighed in today on what the future might hold for Twitter. I agree most with Paul's viewpoint. Conversations that happen across social media (including Twitter) could all be mapped into the defined intersections within … Read More» The Tweet Is Mightier than the Sword

Still wrestling with how you can utilize Twitter to foster relationships with your customers? Check out the following article by Brent Leary: By Brent Leary Posted Mar 1, 2009 Can you imagine Edward Bulwer-Lytton's reaction to Twitter? Credited with the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword" … Read More»