Leverage the Value Equation and CRM to thrive in any economy

Graham Hill presents some great points, and sage wisdom in his post "Six Proven Rules to Beat the Recession". I would contend that his advice is at the core of success in business, and just becomes more clearly defined when businesses are forced to be aggressively and desperately focused  in a more … Read More»

Customer Retention in Tough Times

As we collectively try to gain visibility to what is happening in the marketplace, the following contains some good basic reminders of necessary requirements to survive in the marketplace today. I'd love to hear about how your company has implemented some of the ideas below and how that has helped … Read More»

Risk Proof your CRM Initiative: The top reasons for CRM failure

William Band points out in his article the following results from a recent Forrester survey. I believe one of the key takeaways is that Business Process, People, and Strategy account for 67% of the problems associated with CRM initiatives. The technology is a certainly a component as it must enable … Read More»

Are you afraid of RISK – or are you thriving in this marketplace?

A great article by Martha Rogers related to the great opportunity that exists for those who are willing to take measured, calculated risks in the current marketplace. I know of several companies who are seizing the opportunity of a marketplace frozen in uncertainty to grab market share, retrench … Read More»

Recession Strategies: Why it is important to invest in CRM Now

Should be a good one. I am planning on attending Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009 Time: 2:00 PM EDT Duration: 60 minutes Smart companies know you can't save your way out of a recession. That said, with the economy struggling and not expected to improve for the foreseeable, businesses need to be … Read More»

Guest Blogger William Band: Six Trends That Will Drive CRM Decision-Making in 2009 – Think customers: The 1to1 Blog

In light of the recent sudden and dramatic deterioration of the economic climate, what are the key developments driving CRM strategies and the adoption of enabling technologies now? I recently recorded a podcast summing-up my take on the situation, based on Forrester's latest research. Here's what I … Read More»

Why Bother with Customer Centricity?

CRM Magazine asked their subscribers "What is the number one concern that keeps you up at night?". I found it interesting that none of the responses resembled anything like: "My kid is failing out of school", or "My spouse works too much", or "I can't make the mortgage payment". Oddly enough, all … Read More»

Media turn to CRM to cut losses

More and more companies across industries are turning towards CRM in order to better understand their customer base, and provide them product and service offerings that provide an extremely high value proposition. Times like this provide the backdrop for the greatest need and delivery of innovation. … Read More»

The Limits of Customer Analytics in a Recession | CustomerThink – CRM, CEM & Social Media

Customer segmentation is a big issue as companies look deeper at their existing customer base, and as Graham points out, not only are companies needing to readjust their strategic initiatives and sometimes entire operational models, the data that they have in their database may not mean what it … Read More»

Customer Retention: The greatest opportunity to increase profitability in a recession

"The customer is the most important part of the production line" - W. EDWARDS DEMING In this newsletter, we will be talking about probably the biggest opportunity to increase your company's value in a recession, or in any market, for that matter. What is CRM? Most of you know that it stands … Read More»