Immersive Experiences: Changing (and extending) Our World

Last month I spent some time with more than 150,000 people from 140 countries at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. There were over 3,600 exhibitors spread out across several venues. I had the privilege to see and speak with many of them. As I drove back home through the California desert, and in the weeks … Read More»

Digital Identity , Predictive Analytics, and Context at Center of Digital Transformation

Last week, I had the privilege to spend some time discussing some of the most important topics facing organizations today with Vala Afshar, Michael Krigsman, and Mitch Lieberman. During the course of the conversation, we riffed on what digital even means, the intersection between the digital … Read More»

This weeks best content – Jan 19 thru 24, 2014

Hello and a happy Friday to you. Please find the best articles from the past week. Please feel free to share and comment. To your success, Brian Storify by Brian VellmureFri, Jan 24 2014 12:14:02This weeks best - Jan 19 thru 24 Hello and a happy Friday to you. Please find the best … Read More»

Critical Lessons: NFL focuses on a better customer experience – Next Gen marketing on display

I love the game of football. I've referenced parallels and correlations between football and business here and here and here, to name a few. Two of my primary areas of expertise are the "Digitization of Everything" and "Customer Experience", so it's little wonder that yesterday's announcement … Read More»

How the Digitization of Everything is Impacting the Customer’s Journey

For nearly a century, the buyer’s journey was relatively linear. Advertising messages distributed across a few mass media outlets were the primary method of spreading awareness. Purchase consideration generally occurred by reading product brochures and conversing with salespeople, friends and … Read More»

Enterprise Software Chronicles: A synthesis of the rapidly evolving customer technology landscape

Over the past several weeks, I've had the privilege to have hundreds of conversations with technology vendor executives, resellers and system integrators, consultants and companies of all sizes (enterprise, mid-sized, and SMBs) across a variety of industries; high tech, professional services, … Read More»

Location Revisited: Marketing’s cornerstone takes on a new paradigm

Location, location, location. The concept immediately brings back to mind college marketing classes and textbooks; clear lessons from industrial age distribution models. The focus has slowly faded away, however, over the past couple of decades with the invention and growth of a digitally … Read More»

How to write copy that goes viral: Advice from Seth Godin

Seth Godin does a phenomenal job of providing insights. Below is something he wrote that I wish I did, but I'll be saving this and committing it to memory. In many ways, it's marketing 101, but the clarity with which it's presented is something every marketer can benefit from From Seth's … Read More»

Everybody’s talking about Customer Experience. Customers still not getting what they need.

Lots of executives, marketers, customer service folks say they work for a customer focused organization. They say they care about the customer experience. According to a myriad of research reports, blogs, tweets, podcasts, and whitepapers, I see an increased focused on customer focus, customer … Read More»

A year in review: Top 12 Posts of 2012

Happy New Year! Thanks for taking the time to visit, read, comment on, and share some of my thoughts from the last year. 2012 was a great year and I look forward to building on it 2013. Below are the Top 12 posts from 2012, measured by direct traffic to this blog (not counting syndicated links … Read More»