What Business Are You In? Are you sure?

As we draw towards the close of 2014 and look ahead to a new year, it's a time of reflection, evaluation, and goal setting for many people. Performance reviews (if you're still doing it the old way), finalizing budgets, and making plans for the next 357 days (until the holiday season rolls around … Read More»

Considering New Mandates for IT leadership #CIO

This week, I a appeared as a guest on the Intel Transform IT show. The host, Charles Araujo is the CEO of the IT Transformation Institute, and author of "The Quantum Age of IT". Charles invited me to speak for a few minutes about my views of the Future of IT. In the 20 minute conversation … Read More»

Why Big Data won’t solve your Big Problems

If you follow this blog at all, you know that I work tirelessly trying to piece together tomorrow's technology with the challenges of today to help organizations grow; by creating new value propositions and better customer experiences. The world we live in is being re-architected into an … Read More»

What midsize enterprises can learn from baseball’s small market teams on Opening Day 2014

Welcome to Major League Baseball's Opening Day 2014! You don't care, but I root for two teams: The Dodgers, and the Angels (except when they're playing the Dodgers). There are not too many baseball related things better than Vin Scully's (now broadcasting for his 64th year!) silky smooth voice, … Read More»

Technology innovation creating complex leadership dilemmas

Wearables. Augmented reality. Robotics. Artificial Intelligence. Predictive Analytics. Deep Learning. Genome mapping. The growth of technological progress is outpacing our ability to keep up. Over the last few decades, we've witnessed the dynamics of Moore's Law extend beyond microprocessors to … Read More»

Triumph through the Blizzard: Conquering the unexpected

Last Saturday, my son played in his first flag football game. It was pouring rain. It was cold. It was awesome. Nervous and shivering at first, a little enthusiasm and the kids were loving it. It sparked a later conversation about whether I'd played in rain or snow. It was fun reliving the memories … Read More»

Change: From Specialty to Core Competency

I'm amazed at the blistering pace of technological advancement. Yesterday, I saw that one person's brain controlled someone else's finger. What used to be a good value at $700 just a few years ago, is a significantly better free add on today. I can see where all my friends are at any time of day, … Read More»

Mindspark: The lurking question at the core of everyone we interact with

Regardless of what segment they fall into, deep down at the core of their being, your customers, your employees, your peers, your execs, your partners, your prospects (and all those in your personal life) all are asking one question. "Do I matter?". It drives a significant amount of their … Read More»

Ascending towards the Social Business Summit

There's the Social Media Summit and the the Social Business Summit, the Social TV Summit, , and the Social Good Summit, but I'd like to present a different view on the Social Business Summit. In 1856, buzz grew as people first began to hear that the tallest peak in the world had been … Read More»