Considering Klout to Lithium Rumors: Mashing Up Content, Influence, and Digital Communities

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with several members of one the world's most recognizable technology companies. During the conversation, I mentioned Klout, Little Bird, and Lithium, among several other companies doing interesting things on the fringes of mainstream corporate technology … Read More»

Mindspark: The lurking question at the core of everyone we interact with

Regardless of what segment they fall into, deep down at the core of their being, your customers, your employees, your peers, your execs, your partners, your prospects (and all those in your personal life) all are asking one question. "Do I matter?". It drives a significant amount of their … Read More»

When our Neurons are Connected to the Net

Not too long ago, I was having a casual but meaningful digital conversation with a couple of gentlemen that I respect. They both have large networks, good street cred, and active digital profiles. I asked the question: "Who are the top 3 people you respect in "the space"? The response from one … Read More»

In search of: A meaningful measure of Influence

Influence. It's a captivating word. It's an alluring word. We all want it, and we want to know others who have it. In high school, if you could get the "cool kids" to the party, the rest would follow. If the most famous and glamorous people in the world use it, like it, and talk about … Read More»

The Future of Customer Relationships: Where is all this heading?

Shifts in technology and human behavior are rapidly changing customer's expectations of companies. Things are moving so fast, that most executives are not only trying to catch up with the changes, but identify what some of the changes are. Understanding what those changes mean to each business is a … Read More»