Kickstarting your Social CRM Initiative: 5 Fundamentals and 5 Immediate Opportunities

Let's "do" this Social CRM thing. Ready.... Go!!!!! You're right. It's not that easy. It's not a panacea, and like all of it's predecessors (Contact Management, SFA, CRM, etc.), there will be absolutely no benefit unless you understand what you are doing, why, and how you'll measure success. I … Read More»

In pursuit of True Relationship Value

Relationships. How do we measure the value of a relationship? It's not an easy question to answer. Customer Relationships. How do we measure the value of customer relationships? We have an answer. But I think it's the wrong one, or at the very least an incomplete one. If we were all in a room … Read More»

The New (Social) Customer Advocate

Over the past few months, the #scrm Accidental Community has had several conversations about who should "own" social media and Social CRM within an organization. Though we've had a lot of productive conversation, I believe we've collectively come to the conclusion that there is no definitive answer … Read More»

The Challenge with CRM Initiatives

John Moore, on his recent blog post, Why aren't you using your CRM system more? has facilitated a meaningful conversation which has triggered some very productive dialogue related to CRM, what it is, and why companies haven't had more success. This thread confirms what I have suspected for quite a … Read More»

Is it about the technology, or is it about transforming your business?

Richard Boardman makes a case in his blog post  The CRM Consultant: Independent CRM consultants and their role outside CRM software selection.... that independent CRM consultants have an important role that is seldom recognized or valued. In making this point, he points out a number of common … Read More»

Avoid 3 Roads to CRM Disaster

Rich Cook, in his article below,reminds us that CRM is largely about strategy, people, and processes. With a CRM implementation, there are a ton of moving parts to measure and keep track of. Making sure that you are attending to the 3 items below will give you a great shot at success, and most … Read More»

Just 100 Days away from Customer Lifecycle Management | Graham Hill, Customers & More

Graham Hill presents a great framework for rolling out a Customer Lifecycle Management initiative. In the sea of opportunity and moving parts, the ability to execute the delivery of a focused project plan is key if you are to realize the unlocked potential that exists within your existing and future … Read More»