Updated thoughts / probabilities of SFDC acquisition $CRM

(Note: This is 100% pure speculation and is based on only publicly available insider information) Upon initial rumors, I shared some brief thoughts on Twitter about a potential SFDC acquisition. $SFDC speculation: ORCL is 1st to come to mind. IBM makes sense. SAP potential; not likely. MSFT a … Read More»

Podcast: The Impact of Digital Innovation on the Customer Experience

I was recently honored to be a featured guest on IBM's Big Data Podcast with David Pittman. The "Digitization of Everything" is quickly changing how organizations find, engage, and respond to their customers, and we dug into some of the ways this is playing out, and how organizations should be … Read More»

IBM Watson enters the realm of customer engagement

While I get to see and hear about hundreds of product announcements, this one is particularly interesting. The race to leverage computing power to synthesize incredibly huge amounts of disparate data in real time to meet the needs of customer demands is the next frontier of customer … Read More»

Leveraging Social Business & Gamification to achieve Organizational Flow

Between Arousal and Control lies Flow. We could probably stop there (but don't - read on). Think on that for just a minute. Lots of Mindsparks emerge quickly for me. Between arousal and control lies 'flow' via @Mich8elwu at #digitslsurrey— guy stephens (@guy1067) May 26, … Read More»

Toothpaste, toilet paper, white matter, and jam: Clues for better decision making

Several years ago, my wife and I ran out of toothpaste in a remote part of small Southeast Asian country. We spent half the day trying to find a place that carried a halfway recognizable form of packaged toothpaste. It was more of an adventure than you might imagine. We ultimately found one unopened … Read More»

Movements, Mashups, and Metamorphosis: The Rewiring of Institutions

Corporation. Non-Profit. Community. Business. Cause. Platform. Government. The clearly defined borders that have traditionally enveloped the institutions above are blurring and we're trying to make sense of it all. The music industry is still trying to figure out what … Read More»