Is there any real music in the digital disruptive innovation cacophony?

This morning I read a dozen or so articles. Like an ever growing selection of our collective voices, many of them dealt with disruption and digital. It's becoming more difficult to sift the meaningful signal from the noise. I'm becoming desensitized and I'm often guilty of contributing to the … Read More»

Location Revisited: Marketing’s cornerstone takes on a new paradigm

Location, location, location. The concept immediately brings back to mind college marketing classes and textbooks; clear lessons from industrial age distribution models. The focus has slowly faded away, however, over the past couple of decades with the invention and growth of a digitally … Read More»

When our Neurons are Connected to the Net

Not too long ago, I was having a casual but meaningful digital conversation with a couple of gentlemen that I respect. They both have large networks, good street cred, and active digital profiles. I asked the question: "Who are the top 3 people you respect in "the space"? The response from one … Read More»

What will CRM look like over the next 5 years? Software Advice Interview Highlights

Ashley Verrill – a expert with CRM reviewer – interviewed me recently for the second edition of CRM's Next 5 in 5. This report was an update from predictions five of my industry cohorts made about technologies that will change CRM in the next five years. Special thanks to Ashley … Read More»

Toothpaste, toilet paper, white matter, and jam: Clues for better decision making

Several years ago, my wife and I ran out of toothpaste in a remote part of small Southeast Asian country. We spent half the day trying to find a place that carried a halfway recognizable form of packaged toothpaste. It was more of an adventure than you might imagine. We ultimately found one unopened … Read More»

When all of us have “Terminator Like” powers

Undoubtedly you remember scenes from the Terminator when Arnold gets all sorts of intelligence about his surroundings, complete with risk assessments and recommendations of what to do next. Several weeks ago, DARPA revealed that they are close to releasing contact lenses for soldiers that … Read More»

Blog World LA: The State of the Blogosphere & the New Media Wisdom Void (#BWELA)

Last week, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Blog World Expo appeared in its fifth incarnation.  I spent a couple of days watching, listening, and engaging with a dense concentration of experienced and enthusiastic new media evangelists. The keynotes were well done. Peter Shankman is … Read More»

CRM Magazine Announces 2009 CRM Market Awards (Social CRM gaining ground)

This morning, CRM Magazine released their 2009 CRM Market Awards to be announced at the CRM Evolution Conference. Somewhat surprising recipients appear in the area of Rising Stars include Google, Facebook, Lithium Technologies, and Visible Technologies - internet and social media platforms. In … Read More»