Updated thoughts / probabilities of SFDC acquisition $CRM

(Note: This is 100% pure speculation and is based on only publicly available insider information) Upon initial rumors, I shared some brief thoughts on Twitter about a potential SFDC acquisition. $SFDC speculation: ORCL is 1st to come to mind. IBM makes sense. SAP potential; not likely. MSFT a … Read More»

Location Revisited: Marketing’s cornerstone takes on a new paradigm

Location, location, location. The concept immediately brings back to mind college marketing classes and textbooks; clear lessons from industrial age distribution models. The focus has slowly faded away, however, over the past couple of decades with the invention and growth of a digitally … Read More»

The Digitization of Human Interactions: From Long Tail to Mass Disruption

Photo Credit: ceibs.edu "Because the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer, the business enterprise has two, and only two, basic functions: Marketing and Innovation." - Peter Drucker Last week I had the pleasure of spending some time at Online Marketing Summit at the Hilton … Read More»

CRM Magazine Announces 2009 CRM Market Awards (Social CRM gaining ground)

This morning, CRM Magazine released their 2009 CRM Market Awards to be announced at the CRM Evolution Conference. Somewhat surprising recipients appear in the area of Rising Stars include Google, Facebook, Lithium Technologies, and Visible Technologies - internet and social media platforms. In … Read More»

A primer on Social Media: Listen, Build, Engage, Share

If you are just familiarizing yourself with social media and how to leverage it in your organization, Becky Carroll on the 1to1 media blog does a nice job of summarizing the benefits of Social Media, and how companies can leverage tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  She does a nice job of … Read More»

More on Social CRM: The evolution continues

Lots of conversation flying around about what Social CRM is, and what it isn't. If you use Twitter and/or friend feed, I encourage you to join the conversation at #scrm. Business and Sales have always been about relationships. People buy from people they like and from people who provide compelling … Read More»