Social Media, Collaboration, and Customer Insights with an elite group of experts: April 4-6, 2011

When SugarCRM asked me to assemble the social track for SugarCon, the first thing that impressed me was the "spirit" of the track, and conference for that matter. It had little to do with touting Sugar; the company, or the products they make. Rather, it was all about creating a gathering of thought … Read More»

Social CRM: The #SCRM Accidental Community Roundtable Conversation

Brent Leary, creator of the #scrm hashtag on Twitter and well respected author and speaker, recently invited me to participate in a round table discussion on Social CRM alongside 3 very insightful thought leaders and experts in the field; Prem Kumar Aparanji, Mitch Lieberman, and Esteban Kolsky. If … Read More»

Social CRM: Overhyped Fad or Transformational Solution

Last month, I wrote  “Unleashing the Value of Social CRM: Where to Find the Biggest Return”. Towards the end of the article, I posed this question: “Which functional area do you think will be able to leverage Social Media and Social CRM the most, and provide the greatest impact to the … Read More»

Paul Greenberg, Brent Leary, and Bill Band discuss Social CRM with 1to1 Media

If you have the time, the videos below provide a great chance to listen to 3 industry experts discuss Social CRM. [youtube=] [youtube=] … Read More»

Traditional CRM vs Social CRM: Expanded

Brent Leary, widely recognized expert on Social CRM, does a great job of summarizing the difference between Traditional CRM and Social CRM in the Inc. magazine Article below. I've added some of my additional thoughts. Traditional CRM vs. Social CRM By Brent Leary Traditional customer relationship … Read More» The Tweet Is Mightier than the Sword

Still wrestling with how you can utilize Twitter to foster relationships with your customers? Check out the following article by Brent Leary: By Brent Leary Posted Mar 1, 2009 Can you imagine Edward Bulwer-Lytton's reaction to Twitter? Credited with the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword" … Read More»