Life’s too short.

I’ve been privileged to spend a significant amount of time in the developing world, and am struck by the growing disparity of education, resources, and opportunity facing our fellow humans. My passion is to build bridges between the vast assets (human, financial, physical) of the West and the developing world.

I was a founding board member of International Princess Project, a social enterprise pioneer that helps restore the lives of women formerly enslaved by forced prostitution, often victims of human trafficking. I am now in my second stint on the board of directors and for a few months ran the commercial operations of the organization, leading to record growth.

The organization has gone from concept to growth and is still evolving to produce market relevant retail apparel with the primary purpose of drawing more women who have been forced involuntarily into the sex trade.

It won’t stop there. I’m passionate about helping to build and grow organizations that can have scalable impact on the world’s most pressing problems, helping to leverage vast financial, physical, and human resources from one part of our globe to make significant positive impact on our brothers and sisters in other geographies.

Mobilizing networks of passionate and talented people and resources to help bridge this divide is where I’d like to shift more of my time.

Have a project, passion, or organizations the helps to blend commercial and social models to generate monetary and social returns? We should talk.

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