Technology innovation creating complex leadership dilemmas

Wearables. Augmented reality. Robotics. Artificial Intelligence. Predictive Analytics. Deep Learning. Genome mapping. The growth of technological progress is outpacing our ability to keep up. Over the last few decades, we've witnessed the dynamics of Moore's Law extend beyond microprocessors to … Read More»

And then there was One

And then there was one. From a competitive standpoint, this phrase conjures up images of one champion left among the many fallen. One champion bold enough, strong enough, and resilient enough to outlast everyone else. The immortal words of Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi … Read More»

Movements, Mashups, and Metamorphosis: The Rewiring of Institutions

Corporation. Non-Profit. Community. Business. Cause. Platform. Government. The clearly defined borders that have traditionally enveloped the institutions above are blurring and we're trying to make sense of it all. The music industry is still trying to figure out what … Read More»

If we were to stop the cycle…

With the backdrop of the empty 52,000 seat Sun Bowl behind me, I strolled up the stadium steps to sit with my new teammates. To the right of the aisle were one group of players. To the left, another. I paused. It struck me. The two groups weren't organized by position, not by offense or defense, not … Read More»

The frog who noticed the boiling water…

There were once a bunch of frogs. They all jumped into a pot of water. You know how the story goes. Except... in this case, it ends differently. As the heat is slowly turned up, something happens. One of the frogs looks around, and actually notices the heat. He begins analyzing and forecasting … Read More»

March Madness: Timeless Business Lessons from the Greatest Coach of All Time

The Final Four tips off tomorrow to determine who will play in the NCAA Men's National Championship Game. Every March, 65 basketball teams are given an admission ticket for a chance to play their way into a dream - competing for a National Championship. It's my favorite time of year. It's a time … Read More»