Business is about creating value, and reaping a return from that creation.

People (and/or groups of people) are responsible for:

(1) Evaluating value offerings
(2) Making decisions to exchange value with other people (and/or groups of people) for equal or greater value

Social media is a digital representation of people; their thoughts, their likes, their opinions, their emotions, their friends, their location.

Social networks are where digital expressions of people interact.

The kaleidescope of digital human interaction (people) has simply become richer.

Applying business thought and practice fundamentals to the emerging landscape of interaction and data just makes sense.

Thanks. I just needed to get that off my chest. Now we can get back to sorting out all the details.


  1. raybrown99 says

    Hi Brian Sometimes good to get things off your chest ! Without meaning to be picky is social media a “digital representation” or is it not more of a conduit for “people’s thoughts, their likes ………………….” ? Maybe it’s an age thing but I struggle to get my head round social media being the full picture somehow.

  2. says

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Good question. There’s probably a better choice of words somewhere.

    The idea that social media is a digital representation came from the fact that it is not only a conduit for communication, but most social media also contains profile information that is relatively static.

    The media contains both dynamic and static content and therefore can (and likely ultimately will) become every individual’s digital representation of themselves.

    Best regards,


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